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Alternate Name:
0 Count 0
Year of Release: 2007
Status: Ongoing
Author: Yuma Satoru
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genres: ComedySchool LifeYaoi
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In the Count series:

Vol. 1 - Count 0
After an accident, Agatsuma discovers that he can see numbers above people's heads, numbers that indicate the number of lies the person has told. Due to this, he finds it hard to trust anyone. Until one day, he comes across someone with a perfect 0!

Vol. 2 - Count H
It’s the continuation of the one who’s able to see other’s lies, Agatsuma, and the super honest Misono. Even though they graduated from high school, young people can’t hold back their urges and still have tendencies to go out of control. As soon as they got careless, they ended up getting intimate at Misono’s school… But who would have thought that there they would find another person with the same ability as Agatsuma! How will Misono feel when he sees how elated his lover is over the discovery of a comrade?


Chapter 7 Will be added in in 3 days Chapter 6 Added Monday, 27 October, 2014 Chapter 5 Added Thursday, 23 October, 2014 Chapter 4 Added Saturday, 11 October, 2014 Chapter 3 Added Thursday, 11 September, 2014 Chapter 2 Added Thursday, 11 September, 2014 Chapter 1 Added Thursday, 28 August, 2014