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Dekichatta Shitsuji

Alternate Name:
Ever Green KASUKABE Akira
Year of Release: 2013
Status: Ongoing
Author: Mikage Tsubaki
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genres: RomanceYaoi
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“Your opponent: a BABY + Current state: a lot of PANIC = Result: a JOYOUOS occasion!”
Konno Wataru, a rich son who is studious and quite prideful, has a “butler”. In charge of him is the domineering sadist Azuma ヽ(#`Д´)ノ, holding an official caretaker license and to top it all off, he’s perverted (?!) Amidst their instinct of a cat-dog relationship, things get a bit risqué ❤
—During which, Wataru’s older sister’s baby, Momoka, suddenly appears! With a MIA father, Momoka’s care is left in their hands!
In between the teasing, puzzled Wataru unexpectedly witnesses Azuma’s sincerity ❤ …however…?!
A spin off presented from the super popular “Dekichatta Danshi” featuring Yujiro & Hisui ❤


Chapter 4 Will be added as soon as possible. Chapter 3 Added Monday, 8 June, 2015 Chapter 2 Added Sunday, 3 May, 2015 Chapter 1 Added Sunday, 5 April, 2015