Read Doko ka de Dare ka mo Tabete iru online for free

Doko ka de Dare ka mo Tabete iru

Alternate Name:
Somewhere, Someone is Eating tooedit
Status: Ongoing
Author: ONO Natsume
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genres: JoseiSlice Of Life
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Period action dorama about two men, a science fiction dorama about a lively group, a work about a man and a woman buddies........ Concerning works, be it designs, world views Miss Ono Natsume has handled a wide range of genre works. The serialization of the omnibus stories following "meals" by Miss Ono who loves eating and drinking! Heartwarming stories of scenes of dining tables somewhere where someone is also eating.


Chapter 2 Will be added as soon as possible. Chapter 1 - Pudding &amp Yoghurt Added Thursday, 12 January, 2017