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Boku Dake Shitteru Ichinomiya-san

Alternate Name:
The Ichinomiyasan Only I Know
Year of Release: 2016
Status: Ongoing
Author: Amazume Ryuta
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genres: EcchiRomanceSchool Life
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As a guy with no real friends, Nishina Tadadora has spent months just observing Ichinomiya Misumi who sits next to him in class. At first glance, Ichinomiya looks like a lonely girl without any special appeal, but only Nishina knows how sensually provocative she can really be. Upon realizing that Nishina is watching her, Ichinomiya begins to interact with him in her own unique way. But unbeknownst to Nishina, Ichinomiya also seems to be harboring a secret...


Chapter 1 Will be added as soon as possible.