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Bianchi's poison cooking. Hahahahaaha  I wouldn’t eat that even if my life depend on it. Actually probably if you taste it you will die anyway. :D

In this chapter Tsuna  receive an invalidation to Colonnello and Lal's wedding you can pretty much see the shock on his face XD Seems like he is still refusing to be Vongola's 10th 

Kora sucks when it comes to love and romances don't you think. Oh and isn’t it just hilarious how Reborn shoots him hahahaha I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter but it looks like if sure will be fun :D

 -”I'LL CONFESS MY LOVE TO KYOUKO SASAGAWAWITH MY DYING WILL”-somehow I have a feling that this will end up bad and funny :D

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What happens next?

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