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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 409 has been released.


Reborn leaves saying “I'm not so good natured, you know” Ohhhhhhh? You don't say!Hahahahahaha. But seriously Tsuna is so doomed without him. Even on daily base activity. And when Reborn comes back I feel like Tsuna was actually thrilled with happiness. Maso?

 Still I don't think I get what's the difference between Neo Vongola Primo and 10th Vongola. I don't thing there is accept the names :S One thing is for sure nobody thinks anything has changed “much”.

 So basicly  the whole chapter is about how much Tsuna likes to be tortured by his tutor hitman Reborn :D . Tough love if you ask me. But I too love watching it.

The news are that there's gonna be only 2 more volumes of this manga. The next one will come out in December 4th. And the last Vol. 42 will be released in March.Please look forward to the next work by Akira Amano!

Read Katekyo Hitman Reborn! online for free.


What happens next?

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