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Naruto 626 has been released.


No Panda for this chapter. The 5 chapter story of the creating of the village hidden behind the leaf and apparently all the other villages, has ended. Now what? I want to see if Minato has something to say or the 5th maybe, after all he is the only one who actually knows Sasuke. I'm gonna laugh my ass of though if he ain't tell nothing, and Sasuke's gonna send them to the battlefield next chapter.

 From my knowledge of Sasukes logic, he is gonna say something like “ Yeah I knew it it was all, your fault Uchiha are AGAIN the victimize, I hate you, I will destroy your village.” No matter what freaking hing happens it always comes down to destroying the village and killing someone. Every Freaking time.

 However, there's just something we must confirm:

 Madara stated he was the only one who could see through Mokuton clones...

 Perhaps that means He already saw through that and avoided at the last second the killing blow...

 Then he grabbed some of Hashirama's blood from his weapon. Seems legit :D yeah well not really.

I have no idea how he survived, OR DID HE :D.

 Btw it came as a surprise to me that Shinsuusenju is strong enough to overpower a barrage of Bijuudamas and PS Slashes. Weird? Don't know. So I can't wait for the next flashback and the next conversation that they are gonna have. Anyone thoughts?


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What happens next?

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