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Naruto 627 has been released.


Ok, ok I thought wrong. Sasuke’s actions for once do really make sense. I can’t wait to see the father-son reunion. And he said that he have gift for him, probably some awesome jutsu.

Also, it seems that there will be no Naruto (and One Piece) next week

But man this was a pretty good one. I liked it. We now have the emergence of the Hokages perched upon their heads. Karin escaped and nonsensically forgave Sasuke for leaving her to die. Can you believe that after all that he has done to her she really is very messed up in the head. Sasuke has made his decision which was considered numerously, as well as the Hokages arriving on the battlefield.
So do you guys think this dismisses the idea of Sasuke fighting Naruto? It seems he's turned a new leaf and his agendas would be somewhat of a hypocrisy if he chose to fight Konoha's savior i.e. Naruto. Or him helping them does not mean that he will join forces with Naruto and the alliance. I’m sure that they will be delighted to see him, especially the kages

It made sense really that Sasuke would have to lean this way. I don't think it's as simple as that though, I'm sure Madara & Obito will have something to say, maybe specifically to Sasuke.

Not too much happened, but it's all set up nicely for next week now! Though I think we'll see some more of the battle and the Hokages will only appear at the end of the chapter.

Quite confused by what Orochimaru is up to really. He is not the type to just agree and help. Hmmm?

 Anyway can’t wait for the next one. Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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