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Wow that chapter felt so short, thought it was the usual Leigh. Actually nothing much happened except that we learned what happened with Rin and Kakashi. I knew he would keep his promise to Obito. But sometimes shit happens. Its is really funny how Obito and Naruto are kind of a way all the same and in the same time they choose way different paths in their life. And it is not like Naruto had it easy he had many oportunitis to become evil but in the end he choose the right way. I think there is a good chance Kakashi talking some since into Obito's head.

 But I really hope in the next chapter to be more about Sasuke coming with the hokages and joining forces with Naruto. Thought I doubt it. I think the Kakashi Obito drama will continue for the next 2 chapters.

 OU and did you see the panel with naruto and behind him all the tailed beasts, that looks really promising. I would love to see what comes next with this fight, thought Naruto looks like at the end of his powers.

 PS I know there were many many people upset about last weeks missed chapter, but hey give the guys some credit they probably have families too and celebrated the holidays too. So let's not be mean and ungrateful right guys! Rock on!

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What happens next?

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