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Naruto 632 has been released.

And Sakura has the Byakugo, as some of us predicted. Now, she has to summon the slug! Also, Sakura wants to become Hokage too? And Kiba too. Wow, all of a sudden everybodyyyy want to become hokage. Hahaha poor Naruto, people stealing his dream and shit.

 Thought I can't wait for the Madara x Hashirama revenge. That will be interesting. And Madara just left the jubbie there, so he can fight Hashirama, like a boss.

 God i hate Sakura "Sasuke-kun" just shut the hell up Naruto saved you to or did you only see Sasuke. That is really really annoying. I mean the poor guy saves the village that SHE too lives  in countless times, works and trains his ass off just so that he can protect everyone, saves her bitchy ass every time, and even look for Sasuke because he promised HER. And all he gets in the end is “Shut up Naruto” I mean fuck logic, right? This sucks.  

 And Oruchimaru diapered, witch is really fishy. Maybe he will resurrect later on Ero-sennin. I would love that.

 The chapter was good, maybe felt a little short for some reason, but overall was good. Anyone thoughts?

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