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Naruto 633 has been released.

Hahahahaha did someone of you read the last chapter revue ; “And Sakura has the Byakugo, as some of us predicted. Now, she has to summon the slug!” And now she  did hahahahaha awesome. Somehow even if the other teams try to do something, I feel like team 7 is just way ahead of them, off course  they have cursed seals, kuqbis and seinins to train them so maybe is not this big of surprise that they are much more stronger. 

 I liked that Sai appeared in the picture, I totally forgot about him. The chapter thought felt really short. Nothing much happened , except that Sakura summoned a slug. I really want Hinata and Naruto to be together, I hate that one sided love that Naruto has for Sakura, and that one sided love that Hinata has for Naruto. Oh and not to mention that one sided love that Sasuke has for himself :D

 Btw the only ones that are still missing  are the present kages, not that anyone acts like they give a shit but, where the hell did these guys disappear to. Last we say them when they lost to Madara but they should be  still alive.

 I liked the beginning page, it's like bringing up the Naruto vs. Sasuke thingy again. But there is one thing that I don't get, WHY THE ….... IS ONLY KONOHA FIGHTING? Where the hell are the other villages ninjas, I remember that they had ninjas, but somehow they disappeared in the mist (not literally)

 So anyone thoughts?

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