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Naruto 634 has been released.

Hahahahhaha “See that giant ass thing ahead of us? Jump in there and get us close!” oh Naruto I laughed my brains out. And FINALLY that snake Oruchimaru is in the picture again and if I'm right and I know I am he is with the kages, as I thought they are alive but badly wounded maybe that was Oruchimaru's game from the beguining.

 Still calling BS on Gamakichi's growth...he was still small after two years and now after a few months he got big. Did he hit a growth spurt or what? Either way, he's definitely hit puberty judging by his attitude. :D

 But maybe Jugo is right maybe Sasuke does have an ulterior motive and it is not becoming a hokage. But I loved the NarutoxSasuke combo, it was pretty cool. One of the best parts for me was when Hiruzen saw the former Sannin in Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Sakura is too finally helping out in a proper manner, not only crying (not that she didn't shed tear or two).

 So cool chapter, I liked it, so it is officially ReadManga approved.

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