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Naruto 635 has been released.

Hah this chapter was used as a break from the battle the only interesting thing that actually happened is that now the kages are on a move, which was expected to happen sooner or later. Also Jiraia was mentioned, not that I want to repeat myself but I really would like to see him.

  And apparently Oruchimaro acts on some sort of plan given to him by Sasuke, so what is his next stop I wonder. And Sasuke being an idiot deciding shit on his own as always.

 Beside from that everything was a comic relief. Suigetsu and Karin making fun of each other deciding who is the weirdest, of them all. Unfortunately Sakura will win this chapters creep competition that smile almost gave me a heart attack, really creepy.

  Oh and lets not forget Sai's deductive thinking out loud. Can we trust him or can we not. Like he have given you a reason to trust him, he changed, and that now that he says he wants to be hokage does not mean that you will like that changes of the system that he thinks will be good.  Because we ALL KNOW that Sasukes prospective of what is good and what is bad is really messed up.

 So what did you think?

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