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Naruto 636 has been released.

Woooohoooo new chapter has arrived, fresh just from the kitchen. Yeah...Good one...

  Kakashi won the fight and now Madara is trying to use Obito for Rinne Tensei...meaning he will revive himself. Minato noticed Obito also Naruto...i wonder what will both do? At first was hard to recognize who is who, they look so much alike. Bud Madara said that he will become the jinchuriki,  and we all know that there are not many ways to seal bailed beast not to mention the ten teiled beast inside of you. If he uses Obito for Rinne Tensei, what jutsu will he use to seal the tailed beast inside of him.

 Finally Madara is living up to his title as a Villain. So cruel and merciless I like that since the flash backs was harder for me to hate him, but now is much easier. I really hope Kakachi is fine that wound looks serious.  

  Anyway i expected a bit more from Hashi's clone, yet probably he is really using too much power on main body and also on other clone.. And probablly Obito's song is not over yet it wont be the mangaka's style if in the end he didn't realize how dumb his behavior was and apologize while ding.

  Anyway good thing this week also.

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What happens next?

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