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Naruto 637 has been released.

Whaaaaaaaa, whaaaaaaaat? What did just happen, is it what I thought happened?  And that was their aim from the start whoooooooo smart. Not many people saw this coming. I'm wondering if Madara has the power to control Obito still. I think Madara could still utilize Tobi considering they still have the same goals at this point, just two different ways of obtaining it. Somehow I don't see Madara as the type of guy to stay in the back.

 Many people would say despite it was an interesting plot twist... It's a total BS... How the hell a crippled close to death Obito, with a hole in his chest, and wounded of death by Minato's clone, was able to turn into Juubi's Jinchuriki? His hands were on the ground (so no handseals forming) So Is that easy to become a Jinchuriki? not any Bijuu but the Juubi itself? And I understand that probably in the next chapter they will explain it, for some reason I think Minato saw this coming.

 Maybe Obito hosted madara I don't know Oruchimaro did it too. Or Obito had a plan of his own, orrr they plotted it together from the start.

 Kishimoto you sir deserve a troll face, nice turn of the events, I don't get anything anymore. And that keeps the joy in reading ha ha. So thoughts?

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What happens next?

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