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Naruto 638 has been released.

No way wow that was a total turn of events. Now I understand before Obito became a  jubbie he saw Kakashi and Rin and himself like he was dieing, and he really did the old Obito really died. That's why he was surprised when Minato called him Obito. I think that now he is someone or something else. Now Minato for sure have to transfer the rest of the kiubis chakra in Naruto so he and Sasuke have a chance against Obito. But wow how strong is he now, destroying the barrier like it was nothing.Unlike, Tobirama and Hashirama, Minato didn't cancel his clone.. That might mean something...

 Madara seems that is finish "playing around". He is going to pressed with that crazy moon plan of his but what trump card does he has against Obito I wonder.

 So that chapter answers the question, he did not use izanagi and sacrifice his original eye. He previously decided to become the jichuuriki instead of doing it for Madara as madara cannot do it on his own because he became bound to the edo tensei vessel when he released himself from Tobirama's jutsu.

 But that chapter is in my top 10 chapters of Naruto it rule. I hope the next one is about the battle not about Oruchimaru or the kages. And now that I mentioned it why are the kages not there yet?


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