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Whoooooaaaa what the...... Hurry Minato. Is that THING invincible what the hell they can even attack it they are barely dogging the fatal attacks. And with the endo tensei kages on their side.

But I KNEW IT, I said it I meant it and I'm here to represent it. Sasuke is still no good, even thought he is on Naruto's side right now later on he will not be. It is just that that he wants to be the one who deletes those past by his word, after everything that Naruto did for him that brat is still the same. And leave that after everything Hitachi did for him. Tc tc tc Sasuke.

But why is tobi attacking only Sasuke and Naruto. I'm not sure what Minato is up to but he better hurry. For sure thought we are lucky this week 2 chapters. But probably the next week there wont be any so don't be to full.

Anyway where did Sakura go, again she vanished from the big picture maybe later on when Naruto and Sasuke get wounded she will have to choose. And she better choose wisely, cuz I'm not a big fan of hers right now. Oruchimaro is still on some sort of a mission with Karin and the others I wonder what are they up to for sure it is something, I belive they are not drinking coffee somewhere.


So what did you think, thoughts?