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Too short that chapter was too damn short Just as it got interesting. Naruto and Sasuke smiling after a cambo of their jutsus. That was pretty cool. Shikamaru sure is amazing able to focus and tell the others the same and not lose his cool even in a battle of the giants like that. I wonder is that thing that hit Obito actually did some damage, for some reason I think not. But I see how powerful the second and the forth was coming up with a plan like that for second the hokages are sure a whole different thing.

And is it just me or the ninjas becoming weaker with every generation. I mean look the first the second the forth and even Madara they sure are something else. And from the whole ninja alliance onlu Naruto and Sasuke are able to keep up and not fall behing. But Naruto doesn't know that is the 2th hahahahaha sometimes he amuses me so much. How did he not realize that is that is his dad that probably the 2th and the 3th and Hashirama are resurrected too.

Anyway cool chapter can't wait for the next one.