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Naruto 642 has been released.

Wow did you all see that that stick that is the stick of the nine path. Whooo that is indeed something. So probably because he has the powers of their ancestor the ninjutsu doesn't work on him because that is the power of the source like poring water on sea trying to float it. But the senjutsu attacks are on a different base. I think that now they are going to focus on that and how to open a window for Naruto to attack. And probably Shikamaru will now be able to help with the power of the alliance.


It is funny thought how Naruto and Sasuke attack and 2th and 3th just help them with the transporting jutsu to do so. One will think that the 2th and the 3th attacks will have to be stronger which it seems not to be the truth. But again a lot of people are in the midst of the unknown. Madata and Hashirama disappeared probably to fight, the kages gone, the Sasuke team and oruchimaru team again in a position unknown.


Ow and Kuruma's other half, that will be interesting to see. I wonder if he is going to give Naruto the other half of Koruma.