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Naruto 643 has been released.

Whoa so bad quality of the whole chapter and on top of that only one chapter for this week at the end of the week. But it was a Ok chapter I guess epic moment when Naruto and Minato bump fists I really liked that and Kurama exchanging chakra with his other half was coll too. But nothing much happened as we suspected. Obito is now trying to convince Naruto how right is what he is doing. I suppose that there is going to be a long conversation about ideas somewhere in the near future.


But that red sun barrier... lol Obito surpassed what the four Hokages did. 4 Juubi bijuudamas at once...and Yami Kurama and Kurama bumping fists to interchange chakra


BTW it's almost Naruto's Birthday... well happy birthday for some reason I do not recall how old is Naruto anyway. But that is important after all for all his life he was without perrants and did not know when his birthday was. So it must feel good now that he is with his father again and is even almost his birthday. But I really look forward for Naruto's plan and Shikamaru's as well. I hope they figure something out before Obito can use the weakness That he saw in Naruto.