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Naruto 644 has been released.

Well this chapter was with much much better quality than the last one, witch is good. But nothing much happened except that they avoided Obito's attack. It was really funny when Sasuke asked Naruto so what do they do next. And Naruto actually saves all the aliance again for the second time in this battlle maybe it wont be that bad idea if they just leave the batllefield or atleast go furder because they are the weekest link and they are not helping but even in the way.


But seriously is there any Jutsu tat Tobirama hasn't created, Some funny moments between him and Naruto in this chapter too. And some touching moments between father and soon I liked that it was touching. We can't not admire Naruto that after all that he has been trough he never lost faith that he was loved and not abandoned. He really is a strong dude not many people are capable of that.


And I saw this and could not share it with you guys :”Another chapter that will take 10 minutes in the anime, although it did look spectacular
Obito: Time to die.
Naruto: Watch closely. For the next magic trick,
I will make this army disappear!
Obito: Aw hell no!


But in this chapter i liked the gag on the next panel where Tobirama seems upset that Naruto continues to disregard Tobirama's ownership of techniques, Tobirama's face was funny since the guy seems all uptight all the time, it is nice to see that something can make him lose composure, the likable points on his character went further up with me.