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Naruto 646 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Naruto 645 has been released.

The early spoilers about Kurama+SM was true:
1. Naruto is competing for the title of the most stupid one out there.
2. Hashirama and Madara tanked the Bijuudamas, We shouldn't have expected nothing less from those two
3. Minato got a nice boost of power... He can also go BM similar to Naruto, Moreover he can make Huge Rasengan with ease, as well as Bijuudama flash... KM Naruto now has real feats.Minato got to another level for vs threads.
4. Hiraishin spamming to backstab Obikudo is officially ended... From now on Tobirama's aid to the battle will be close to irrelevant 
5. Shinobi army, despite being enhanced with strong Kyubi cloak... is now useless... All of them are outside the barrier... they can intervene, nor they can be harmed by the battle within the barrier
6. Now is the time for Madara/Hashirama to do something. Whatever that may be
7. Gokage won't play role in the next few chapters, since they don't have a way to enter the barrier (unless Oonoki jintons an entrance) 
8. So we only have Naruto, Minato, and Tobirama vs Obikudo... Perhaps Hashirama and Madara would choose sides...
9. Considering Obito is going Juubi mode, two half Kuramas would have little chance against Juubi... perhaps if Killer Bee was there somehow... who knows...