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Okay, I'm quite surprised right now. I thought Kishi killed off Shikaku to give Shikamaru some sort of motivation or charcter development... And now he's killing off Shikamaru too just like that? If Shikamaru really is going to die, at least give him something. Some kind of plan that ACTUALLY WORKS! instead of being temporary like Shikaku's. Let the guy surpass his father!

And Sasuke's power up... Is that an unstabilized PS? WHat the heck is it? It looks like PS to me, but I might be wrong. Also, this is yet another chapter where Sasuke shows his complete lack of consistency, though that's not really his fault, it's Kishi's fault for not knowing what to do with him.

Oh, and Karin was degraded even more. Way to go, KIshi, keep destroying her character completely.


The Kages are coming, the kages are coming. I don't think they will be of much help thought. And Oruchimaru is in the picture again. Naruto yet again is trying to motivate everyone. I think that is something like his part time job motivating people around him, even if the people in the shinobi alliance give up I don't think it will be of much difference at least for now they haven’t done anything really except being in the way but maybe in the end they will help I hope.


So 21 pages nothing much happened. And that sucks.