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Naruto 648 has been released.

Mixed feeling's about the chapter. On the one hand I understand the message from the flashbacks and it was some cool info. But haven't we had enough flashbacks to rally the fodder ninja's already? Oh and enough with the foreshadowing/comparing. We get it. Naruto and Sasuke are today's time Hashirama and Madara. It's so obvious you don't need to show it to us on panels.

But in the same time, I don't really think I should be explaining this. This flashback is actually very symbolic. This is when the villages first got established and the Tailed Beasts were divided. Before even the first war. Now all the Tailed Beasts are in one place and now they're fighting it. Hashirama created the village with Madara for the very reason that he just said. His dream was for Shinobi to be able to cooperate with each other. And hi, that day is actually here. Hashirama's dream has finally become true as all the Shinobi have united to fight against one common enemy and his dream will pass on to Naruto and perhaps the current Kages so that they can maintain that cooperation.

It's clear that Sasuke will be getting a power up and using Jugu's chakra for it ,is I guess somewhat creative but man still not a fan of it. The question is why? I mean I understand Kishi want's them to be fairly even but it get's to a point where Naruto is this powerful because of the stuff that has come before in the series and for Sasuke to catch up like he is just seems... Even Vegeta admitted he just couldn't keep up with Goku.