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Whoaaaa thought chapter I know what you trolls think “borinnngggggg, again motivational chapter” but I loved that chapter. And from ever brighter side this is the last chapter of this kind I know the last 5 chapters was like that. But the next one will be the fight so in the end Naruto and Sasuke vs Obito. I saw that coming. Thought Tsunade and Sakura have to have sage mode too. But I think they will work on helping the others cut down the tree while they are fighting Obito.


The firs will probably keep Madara's hands full so that he won't interrupt. And any time soon Kakashi will come too. I don't know if you realize what this means 3 generations of the fines ninjas on one battle field. Epic. I believe that this will be the last arc of Naruto so I'm not angry at all that there are so many chapters about how great Naruto is, because even fictional he is pretty awesome. Garra was right he is the shinobi everyone wanted to be. And so it has begun the last battle for the shinobi world. I like that.


Shikamaru is up too so he will have the chance to come up with a smart ass plan that will help them cut that stupid three. And he want's to be Naruto's adviser, I really can't think on anyone more suited for that job. Hahha just like the first and his brother. Cool. I see the others still want to be hokages too but their falling behind with a lot of points to Naruto. And as for Sasuke after all he has done I don't think he stand a chance at all hahahha I hope he does not end up like Madara, with will probably happen.


But anyway cool chapter I liked it. Thought's?