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Well I'd be damned Kuruma susano cambo or is it not the final attack. Naruto and Sasuke parted but now if they make combo it probably be the the strongest attack. Sasuke will use Susano to cover Naruto's BSM. They tried apart but Obito is too strong. Ohhhhhh god I can't wait for the next chapter.
Katsuyu is hugeeeee thought I wonder how big is her whole body. Thank Rikudo they finally started fighting again. And of any speech Naruto could have said, "Because that's my ninja way" is probably the safest for Kishi lol. Nice throwback to the beginning of the manga lol.
Kakashi, my man, you're stalling. Does that mean you're going to break everyone out of Infinite Tsukuyomi at the cost of your life? Or will you just make an epic appearance to do nothing?
Here comes the Cambio Forma, guise.
Hmm so according to Kakashi, Obito isn't trying to put the whole world to sleep, but rather he's been testing Naruto's resolve this whole time? Yea no, Obito, just kill everyone already.