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Naruto 651 has been released.

The fusion looked like godzilla to me lol 

It was pretty ok i guess. It was cool seeing everyone use rasengan but stupid an cheap in the same sense. It's like if they can't use there own power then whats the point anymore

Anyways, Obito is giving himself the talk no jutsu in the next chapter and we're left with Madara to take control. I'm going to assume that Madara will be defeated not with pure power like Obito but actual techs and stuff. That's if we don't get a glimpse of the eternal tsukinyomi or whatever. If we do, I'd imagine Sasuke would break it, if he can.

Poor sakura, never get to shine with the others ahaha but maybe he's saving her for something like he always do to make it seem like she's giving an alone effort or whatever

Oh, I forgot.. what happened to the others taking down the tree. And i thought tsunade and sakura released there seal
guess they only needed a portion of chakra to do what they needed to do or something lol