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Naruto 652 has been released.

My only question is... will Naruto become the sage of 6 paths (and a 2nd Juubi), if he wins this tug of war? Couse I thing the answer is yes. Someone has to take this chakra after all.

Alright, I'll take it. Obito's about to get TnJ'd, so it's almost time for Madara to step in (the sooner the better!). But a big LOL at Obito “don't come inside me” hilarious hahahahahahahahahaha.

Interesting that the tug of war came back. Wasn't quite expecting that.It is good that Naruto is not getting all 9 Bijuus (for now).

Hey, the Shinobi Alliance had a use in helping the tug of war. Yay fodder.

Hmm, I actually like the bit where Naruto sees Obito's memories and genuinely feels for him. And of course, right on queue, the Sauce is there to help him.

Overall, decent. At least we got some plot progression. The reason I say that is because the tug of war itself could have taken up a whole chapter or two depending on how Kishi wanted to do it.

Hahahahahah and at the end Naruto is like "I want YOU, to vote"