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Naruto 653 has been released.

Bla bla bla Well, turns out that in case of Obito's love for Rin it's the oldest story in the book. The girl flirts with him, he mistakes it for real feelings. Many boys in such young age tends to think along those lines and girls have no mercy for the fools - I've learned that lesson the hard way. Then Rin dies and Madara brianwashes Obito into destroying the world just to sleep happily ever after with illusionary version of Rin.

But of course Obito himself was too much of an idiot to even realize what his true motives are. As expected, Obito is now wide open for Naruto's TnJ. Though it may take some time before it gets through to him. Perhaps Madara will intervene or something.

And one more reason revealed for Naruto's crush in Sakura to be reveled as thing of the past. Namely because if Naruto was still seriously into Sakura - he'd be nearly as delusional as Obito. If it's revealed that Naruto is now seeing Sakura as a friend, Naruto himself gains advantage over Obito and acts as an example that by giving up one-sided love for the sake of your friends (in case Obito it's Kakashi, in case Naruto it's Sasuke and Sakura being happy together) you gain the chance to meet a true love (Hinata). That leaves Obito wide open for one more TnJ in case this one fails.

Anyway, after all that pointless fighting it's nice to see a chapter that actually adds some interesting info to the story and opens up some new possibilities. I'd say this is fairly good chapter.