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Naruto 655 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Naruto 654 has been released.

Chapter 655 Predictions.!!

Scene starts with Obito shown lying in the Ground..
Obito: "Did I sorry..!!"
Drop of tear coming from obito's eye..
Hashirama: "Madara It seems the Shinobi alliance has shown their power..their will of not to give up.."
Madara: "Hashirama..U don't get it..From the beginning I Know that this would happen..*smiles* this is What I was Expecting for.."
Hashirama with a shocked expression in his face..
Madara suddenly comes near Obito..
Madara: " seems u still don't want to seek the true peace...hmph,looks like you cant dance any more.."
Madara stands in a cliff near obito...and performs a hand sign..
Madara: "Obito since you have are not useful any more..thanks to you I was able to analysethe pros and cons of being a Jinchuriki..At least be useful before death.."
Obito's body suddenly starts to turn black..and obito starts forming the hand seals for the Rinne Tensi no jutsu..
Obito: "Shit.!! I can control my body any more...*see's Naruto - able to see a image of himself in Naruto* the world..."
Madara,Naruto and everybody with a shocking look see's obito..
panel shows obito with a sword pierced through his chest..and uchiha sasuke is shown behind him in dark..with his mangekyo sharingan alone glowing in the dark..
Naruto: "Sasukeee..!!! what the hell are you doing..???"
Sasuke: "Naruto am not a fool like have sympathy to him..and also for the sake of the uchiha's he murdered..(panel shows the uchiha massacre in which obito aka madara kills them) and to prevent him from completing the jutsu..I will Kill him.."
A face with full of anger is shown in sasuke.!!
Madara: " u think that will stop..??"
Madara's susano hand targets sasuke...sasuke's own susano counters it...
to everybody's surprise madara's body starts to glow(like in the time of edo-tensi release but..a real body starts to appear..)
Obito:"Sasuke..!!! you are late..sasuke..!!"
Obito faints...
Panel shows Madara...fully revived...
Madara the immortal uchiha is revived..
Madara:"Finally..!! My time has come.!!..Susano..!!!" 

Madara stands with the final susano performing hand seals both him and the susano...what will he do???