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Yum so nothing much in this chapter at all. Kakashi sowed up in the last moment after the battle was already over. Anyway a lot of riot came this week from a lot of Naruto fans. Saing that before they were eager to see the next chapter and now id just talk talk talk in the past 2 months. Really I think that too. It really is different from what Naruto used to be. The manga is in fact kind of slow right now. But I hope we will get our happy ending.


Next chapter is the battle with Madara. So He is the pure evil he really is bad to the bone not like Obito. I don't think he will back up of the plan, I think that he even has a back up plan in case that happens. So I think we will get some credit for him. And now that the tailed beasts are free for taking why the hell not. I vote Madara take it. Let us have some really hard core villain. Not the type that was lonely and that is his cry out for attention.


Anyway bad chapter anyone thoughts?