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Naruto 656 has been released.
If Obito had actually used the Rinne Tensei right there and then of his own free will, I would've dropped the manga so hard that Kishimoto could feel it all the way on the other side of Earth.
At least that didn't actually happen, and Madara is back to life. Of course, that could've been avoided if Minato wasn't too kind to a damned criminal. So I assume now that Madara is back to life, he'll somehow combine the tailed beasts together again and become the Shinju's host, and then we'd have like the past 20 chapters all over again, before we find out that someone had been using Madara as well.
Damn!! It's official Madara is the greatest villian ever!!!
Had a feeling Obito would pull a Nagato though Madara sure
pulled a fast one on that. Also loved Shukaku n Gaara's interaction.
But even thought Madara if alive now the alliance is still at advantage they have all the tailed beast at Naruto's side after all.
Good chapter, I liked it can't wait for the next one.