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What happened to Hashi, did he lose his sage powers only or his going to die even if he is an edo tensei? I think it's pretty bs that Madara can do that. And now he's all powerful as f*ck.
Naruto is out of juice? He won't get the beasts?
Now Madara will get them?


How can Hashi not move because he's tired? He's an edo tensei, supposedly with infinite chakra,etc.


I thought it was silly for everyone to call Madara in Human form significantly weaker. Hell...the guy is about to outdo both Naruto and Sasuke in power-ups in about two months. What? He's got Sage Mode(technically) after stealing chakra from Hashi, he's going to get Rinnegan(which he had at death but with a Human body it appears to be able to do more), he's going to steal Sasuke's eyes or at least try(I'm still confused on what he meant), and the bastard is more than likely going to succeed in where Obito failed by taking both Kurama and Hachibi.

On a side note, Sauske get's +5 for actually attacking Madara instead of standing back and watching unlike some certain ninjas. Yeah actually everyone are just sitting aroud like its some kind of party chitchatting and sh*t.

And sai is just there......hanging around....more or less likely to get replace by another konoha 11 who inexplicably has a power relevant to situation.


* also where is Tobirama? we haven't seen him in a while right?