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Naruto 658 has been released.

Honestly i didn't expect madara to get a little smacked around for some time,although hell wrong if u think it actually damages him anyway. Kishi actually allowed this even though its useless he still made a chapter in which madara gets a little smacking!! How the hell did he survive all that with only one hand being ripped off.

Right eye is back so zetsu got it from nagato's corpse since its the right one is the one obito left out in nagato's body and obito still holds left rinegan which by the end of next chapter black zetsu will deliver it as confidential package.

Guess what madara can even use susanoo without the eyes now that's what i call !!! BS logic !!!.Then again if he can use preta path without rinnegan, it would make even more a BS if he can't use susanoo without eyes.

Lastly madara put on his eyes like he was putting on a cool shades,eye transplants? hell if that term holds any meaning in this manga anymore. Madara's eyes has plug in and play supported. What the heck is all this...nonsense.?