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Naruto 659 has been released.

Chapter 659

Once again, the Bijuus are being forcefully pulled back to the Juubi shell soon.
Since, the chakra chain is binding Kurama's neck. 
I mean, if Naruto simply turn off his Bijuu mode, i supposed the chain will loosen? Same with Bee.
Plus, The extraction will be a time-taking jutsu as far as i know.

Alive, still youthful and still able to stand up? Not only has he had all his Bijuu extracted, has used Rinne Tensei, has Black Zetsu attached to his body but he now also has had an entire Gedou Mazou statue summoned from his shoulder? I would think that he would suffer at least crippling physical injuries from the latter.

On a different note, am I the only one actually rooting for Madara? Also, do you think that Madara would succeed in extracting Kurama? A fitting (though potentially cheesy) end would be that Naruto dies from the extraction and Obito at the end manages to revive him as he somehow has enough power to perform one last Rinne Tensei. Either that or switch Obito with a TnJ'd Madara or a Sasuke who activates the Rinnegan and comes to the conclusion that Naruto would have been the better Hokage of the two.

What do you think? How will the Bijuus set free from this situation.