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Naruto 660 has been released.

Naruto's Uzumaki. He has more chakra then any other shinobi alive. By at least 2-3 times. 
He'll live. He's prolly gonna be severely injured, but he's gonna live and there is no PIS or w/e you wanna call that so stop. Just. Stop. 

And yea, on your post with panel where she says she's gonna die. 
She was freaking weak as hell and she used SH!T LOAD of chakra to restrain Kurama with Chakra Chains. 
Do you get now how montrous her chakra was?

OT: Chapter was decent. Kinda too harsh but ok. 
We've seen that Kishi said that he still doesn't know how to beat Madara and then he goes to the point of Naruto getting Kurama extracted and basically Madara closing to become Juubi host. 
It's gonna be interesting to see how things gonna go from that point on..