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Naruto 661 has been released.

So I appreciate tobirama for trying at least although it was not proper and totally foolish for a genius to jump in like that alone knowing Madara's sensing capabilities.
And hashi gave sasuke his chakra and either it will be a powerup/healing for that wound. That same place of the wound,same method by using blade this gives me a bad feeling despite the logic. Anyway he ain't dying that’s for sure....

Naruto was taken by gaara i wonder how that's gonna end uzumaki or not,I'm certain that he will die after some time since bijuu was extracted but the fact that he would survive is true but how exactly is still a guess. Well certainly its is interesting,the pace has returned.


Even the kyuubi removed the ninja alliance still have the protective armor naruto gave them,now is it me or does it seems like the chakra protecting the ninja's is naruto's and not the kyuubi's? or am i just imagining?


I wont be a shock if madara were to get a new eye different than the rinnegan. And Gaara have to do something important I wonder what that is. Probably have something to do with Naruto.