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Naruto 663 has been released.

Thoughts on this chapter


-Gaara brings Naruto to Minato for the other half of kyuubi. How unexpected

- Sakura grabs Narutos heart directly because common heart massage would be too mainstream and less dramatic. But that is better than her crying and doing nothing.

- As for Karin, I just think her desperation and love for Sasuke unlocked the chakra chains. People asked before why it hadn't come out before when she was in danger, maybe it only unlocked when someone she cared about was in danger? Probably a bloodline technique. Karin revealed the same chakra chains as Kushina. So maybe its a rare Uzumaki Kekkei Genkai?

- Its confirmed Spiral zetsu has someone inside him. Yamato?

- Orochimaru leaves a cursed mark on him. Does he plan to take the villian seat later on?

- Madara absorbed the Juubi and has become Juubidara. I'm curious which asspulls will be pulled to beat him down. Ow and he have a new look as well. Personally don't love it but hey, who am I to judge.

- Madara suffers under amnesia, he just forgot to took Sasukes eye with him which he announced several times.


- Someone approaches Sasukes corpse and will most likely revie him. Kabuto?