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Naruto 666 has been released.
It is a good chapter. 
So kamui tag team action, i guess its nice to see something new. 
That flashback and rin panels was sooo unnecessary. 
There is no need for the details elaboration. 
Obito stole part of ichibi and hachibi chakra and gave them along with the yin half black zetsu had to naruto.Now thats gonna turn out to be something so6p.I hope to see more sakura's panel in the coming chapters. 
Minato is now using his mouth .... * sigh * and gai enters to use "it", it looks like gai, kakashi and obito will have a one way ticket to the dead world.From the given chapter all three of them are in their last strike. 
I do have a lot of logical as well as "simple" questions regarding obito and all but i rather enjoy the chapter this time and ignore the logic for the time being.