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Naruto 667 has been released.
Chapter was ok. 
I told in the begining that it was kabuto. 
So next chapter its the finale for gai and finally uses 8th gate, too bad that he'll die. 
So minato's senjutsu is explained but only half explanations it is not properly explained.Atleast we got some sort of explanation. 
Minato's rasengan was also explained and how kakashi survived it by using kamui.How is kakashi still spamming kamui??? 
Scenario is set for the sauce to rise with senju dna and a new pair of shades.Truth to be said i wanted this powerup to see more of his EMS powers evolve like a complete new set ems techniques exclusive to him that no other uchiha has ever accomplished.I wanted something exclusive for sauce, something like the elder son's eyes.The thing about rinnegan is its repeated. 
Guy could have used that this chapter and avoid certain stalling but i must say it was nice.
I aweso wonder if Sasuke will be able to aweken Rinengan?