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Naruto 668 has been released.
Rereading the chapter, I'm even more convinced that both Minato and Sakumo suck as a father compared to Dai ... Only, why did Kishi have to name him Dai? A little less resemblance between names would have been better.
I trully liked that Dai was the one who thaught Gai the Eight Gates tech ... although who else could have ...
If Gai couldn't use ninjutsu or genjutsu when he was young, then maybe there is a chance for Lee to be able to use them when he gets older, he is just a late bloomer.
10 points for Dai going up against the Seven Dwarfs of Mist .... But really? The Seven (with Raiga!) Ganging up on three Genin? In light of this it all makes sense how that shinobi could claim that thise jokers are half-men without their swords ... So, I don't mind Kishi degrading the Seven, they were pretty much assholes anyway ...
Best flashback chapter, ever ... All other flashback chapters are sh * t compared to this.Guy 's DAD!
Beat them all! 80 % flashback, as usual before an important character dies.
But Guy Sr. was really cool.
We salute you, Guy!