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Naruto 669 has been released.
K, that was one of the better chapters we've had in recent months. Solely because Gai made it as such. 
The Eight Gates shouldn't be fvcked with at all, to think you surpass the Gokage in one shot & can even fight on par with the So6P. Do you know how OP that technique would be if an Edo Tensei uses it? Infinite spam ... lol Also, in the arena or versus section, Gai pretty much roflstomps everyone, but at the cost of dying shortly after. 
Kakashi's finally showing signs that his Mangekyo is deteriorating & that his range of vision has decreased dramatically. This is the same guy who had the proficiency to teleport a missile moving a high speed, quite some distance away from him. So, that's a plus in terms of consistency, even though the bastard should be long blind. 
Also, Minato also finally being useful by tanking the shots & getting rid of the orbs in the process. I'd say that's the most useful job he's had in the last 20 chapters or so.