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Naruto 670 has been released.
I liked the chapter was not bad at all. Naruto is such an idiot. Hahahahahhaa calling the hermit of six paths and idiot. 
So much info in this chapter. 
1: Naruto is the reincarnation of Ashura and will inherit a long forgotten art known as Ninshuu. 
2: Hagoromo had a brother. 
3: The Juubi was defeted by Hagoromo and his brother and then split in two and sealed in both of them. (So WTF happend to Hagoromo's brother and the other half of the Juubi?) 
4: Kaguya was even stronger than the sage. 
Wanted to see Guy tear shit up, too bad will have to wait for a couple of chapters now to see what is happening on the outside. So Naruto is not dead witch is good but he is not alive either witch is is not that good either. I wonder in who did Indra reborn Madara or Sasuke. If it isnt that the question of the day.