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Naruto 671 has been released.
Chapter was good. Naruto redeemed himself from looking like an idiot last week, though as some pointed out ... his idiot role was most likely due to a different way Hago was speaking.
Wow is the end really near. Because this shoed be IT.
This proves that sharingan isn't from byakugan. They were always seperate. Just the mother had both and the power somehow split with two clans. And Madara gained that power when he consumed part of Hashi.
So the Kaguya had the Byakugan and Sharingan? I suppose in the olden days eye power were randomized haha. Did anyone notice that her sharingan had two rings of three tomoe, sort of like the Juubi?
That last page look pretty awesome. Gai is giving Madara a fight it seems (I hope we can actually see them fight next week) but then again Madara looks so excited one wonders if he's really trying.
And btw just for the record;
- Sasuke's Indra's reincarnation (check and predicted)
- Naruto sensed Indra in Sasuke (check and predicted)
- Kaguya has Byakugan (check and it fits everything and my personal favorite prediction)
- Sharingan combination is that weird eye (check and an old prediction)
- Hago wrote the Uchiha tablet (yes if * cking knew it, Indra didnt make sense)