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Naruto 672 has been released.
About chapter ... who wouldn't like it lol. Who wouldn't like GAI? i mean his death would be justified by splendid fight, but .... his death would not be justified cuz he didn't finish what he started. 
His death would have some MEANING if MAdara would have been taken out, but he wasnt. That's why GAI's death would be pointless in a sense. 
Anyway Naruto makes entrance and somehow Madara is all alone now ... against many enemies. Naruto actually refined his own abilities ... he had ability to sync his chakra with ppl, but as we can see it, chakra is actually so strong that it heals, revives etc. 
Naruto isnt becoming a Jesus, but his chakra is becoming real deal. Also it seems it's strenghtend by NATURE energy. It seems that Naruto is using bijuu + sage energy without any problems and any marks and that chakra is already exceeding Madara's.