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Naruto 673 has been released.
Madara: Even if I go down, I'll go down in style, LOL
Madara got beaten in each and every recent chapter and he's still like a boss.
And Naruto, does he really have to turn everything into a rasengan?
BTW, if Obito gives Sakura his Rinnegan eye and Sakura comes out with a Rinnegan on her forehead, will it make Sakura god tier or Kaguya reincarnation?
Kinda weird chapter. Naruto subconsiously dodged Limbo. He was even surprised himself. Did he dodge or was he pushed by something? Madara stating that Naruto got the sages senjutsu and Sasuke the Rinnegan?
One . What makes the sages senjutsu special and stronger than Naruto frog sage mode? I don't get it, i thught he just could draw more natural energy in, since he has more chakra through the bijuus?
2 . Sasuke got the Rinngean? Really? I mean, its obviously some kind of Sharinnegan, but certainly not a common Rinnegan. And how did he achieve it? Indra didn't have it, the sage didn't have it but Kaguya had it. So the sage can transfer Kaguyas power?
And what the hell is so special about sensing Sasuke now?
Sasuke chakra should be so high, that even non sensors should be able to sense him.
Or at least Narutos common SM sensing should do the trick, so why even mentioning?
And my bro Gaara, asks a totally unnecessary thing. I mean, they are already allies for quite some time now. So why should it change especially if naruto gets Hokage? Come on Gaara, just think about it how stupid of a question this was.
Madara got another power up by absorbing the tree who seems to have a seperate consciousness. (Kaguya?)
But i thought the god tree came from the Juubis power itself? So Obito weakened himself by growing the tree?
As a side note, I'm glad Tobirama was able to do something of use again. Unfortunately, this means Hashi won't be moving any time soon. And it seems as though there was a good reason not to touch the rods, but now Sasuke was powerful enough to remove them