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Naruto 674 has been released.
Sasukes Rinnegan is badass, and I liked the small talk between him and Naruto. Nostalgia. Did sasuke gain strenght ad speed as well, because he looked pretty fast to me. 
But wtf about kakashi? Why was he facing the wrong way and how can madara so easily take his eye out without damaging him midair? Those eye swappings are getting more and more ridiculous. 
So none of the others can come to this dimension and it is crippled obito and sakura vs madara? I hope madara wont let them alive just because he doesnt feel like it. Sakura and Obito must die, but I can see Obito jumping infront of Sakuraa saying "You remind me so much of Rin. She was also a bitch like you" or something along these lines. 
By the way I just love how easy madara can change his plans. "I should take sasukes left eye (tries) damn I failed, okay I should get my other eye back."