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Naruto 675 has been released.
One. Madara is so nice, he has to tell Obito a goodnight story in a middle of their fight. Just take back the eye, Madara, who the hell cares about those details. 
BTW, Madara is such a lucky dude. Everything he wants just happens out of sheer coincident. 
2. Naruto can recreate human body parts out of nowhere now. This is beyond ridiculous to the point I don't know what should I say about it. 
3. Sakura is officially useless. 
4. Kakashi has lived long enough to join the fodder army. 
5.Oh and welcome to the Flashbacks bitches 
I forgot to say, Obito is deserved to have a medal for his tenacity. Despite saying he couldn't even move, was exhausted and couldn't keep control over Zetsu any longer, he was still able to use Kamui efficiently.