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Naruto 677 has been released.
It looks like Sasuke saved the day. That panel where his susanno stood in front of the moon was epic.
Naruto is definitely overdoing it with rasenshurikens, lol.
I love how casually Sasuke ignores Kakashi and Sakura. I mean, he saved them, but he doesnt think that they could do shit against madara and says: "If two of us die, it is all over" to Naruto.
Did Naruto just feel Hinatas cry for help or was it a general thing? Another pairing trollşng.
The IT doesn't work on Edo tenseis. And everyone looks freaky with a rinnegan, and mind controlled. I am starting to think that we will see the genjutsu world next chapter. Not much happened, but it was good to see all the other characters.
-It looks like Killer B somehow survived, although the loss of the Eight Tails means he's no longer immune to Genjustu. Still nice to see him back on his feet.
-Even powerful Shinobi like the five Kage, Orochimaru, Kabuto, and others are not immune or capable of dispelling this genjutsu.
-It seems like the four Edo Kages will play a role in the coming chapters, since they are the only ones who are not only protected from the genjutsu, they are the only ones who can still move around freely while it is active. Also, the Sage's weapons could come into play with them, since they have infinite Chakra and a direct assault against Madara would be pointless since only the Third Hokage is still in any shape to fight and he won't last very long against Madara.
-As expected, Team 7 is protected, although they are pretty much pinned down. Its implied Sasuke's Rinnengan can protect him to some degree, can Nartuo's bond with the nine-tails ensure he remains immune to the genjutsu?