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Naruto 679 has been released.
Madara is finished. That escalated quickly. 
So, you're gonna tell me that Raikage is gonna be turned into a useless Zetsu? Nice thinking, Kaguya ... 
Well, she apparently has more chakra than anything ever in this world. So what? This Naruto, lol. It's not like the techniques the villains can do were ever relevant. I'm guessing the Hokages are gonna help them in next chapter. 
So are Hamura and Hagaromo the brothers Kaguya gave birth to? One became the sage and passed done Rinnegan, Sharingan and the Uchiha, Uzumaki (?) And Senju are descended from him (which one again?) Looks like the Byakugan and Hyuuga clan came from the other. 
Ah, it's getting hard to keep track of everything and everyone. 
The art from Kishi was nice this week. Naruto and Sasuke were a little bit too useless, given the powers they obtained up till now; However, it was the reveal of final villain this series have, so I suppose that makes sense. Anyway, I'm stoked for the next week.